Hayrish builds and executes strategies informed by proprietary research and adherence to the diktats of the megatrends driving global markets. These trends are structured around the Decade of Change where the intergenerational transfer of over $20tn represents the fastest and most significant recalibration of investor expectations of the post-war era.

Climate Change& The Race to Carbon Zero

Requires the fastest and most complete economic change brought about in peacetime democracy.

Moral Capitalism& Impact Investing

The business of moral and ethical investing and its focus on societal change.

Second Machine Age& Hyper-personalisation

40 years of workplace doctrine is being re-written by technological improvements and advancement.

Urbanisation& The Rise of Smart Cities

Two-thirds of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050 – the cost of distance is declining.

De-globalisation& The Shift in Economic Power

Magnified influence of geo-politics and supply chain resilience.

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